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UV Protective Bags

UV protective bags protect light-sensitive items such as medications, electronics and films from ultraviolet rays and other contaminants. Our Autobag UV protective bags on a roll uses AMBR translucent material that provides 90% UV (a) and UV (b) resistance while allowing the product to be seen though the bag. Our AMBR bags are durable, have […]

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Flexible Packaging Equipment

  Flexible packaging equipment is used to increase the packaging efficiency of flexible packaging materials such as poly bags/pouches, stretch wrap, shrink wrap, bubble wrap and void fill supplies. Flexible packaging supplies are plastic based films, which are used to package, protect and ship products for an array of industries. Flexible packaging supplies provide several […]

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Understanding Plastic Food Films

Understanding the different types of food packaging films and their applications can be confusing. With names like Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), Cast Polypropylene (CPP), Metallized Oriented Polypropylene (MET-OPP) or Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), one might think you need to be a chemistry major. Read our “Understanding Food Films” to better understand the types of food films […]

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