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Autobag 600 Wide Bagging System 2019 Case Study

For maximum productivity in wide bag and horizontal packaging applications, the Autobag 600 Wide Bagging System provides versatile packaging capabilities for mail order fulfillment of larger items. In this application, two systems were installed to maximize productivity for this rapidly growing business. USPS-approved mailbag sizes range from 16″ wide by 27″ long. This mailbag system […]

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Autobag AB 180 Case Study

The Autobag AB 180 OneStep is a high-productivity bag packaging system for dynamic mail-order operations. In this demanding application, the bagger is fully integrated with shipping and customer databases for 1:1 personalized order fulfillment. A wide range of sports apparel is hand-inserted into bags, so fast changeover of bag sizes is important. Graphics, text, and […]

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TableTop Bagger Case Study

The Autobag PaceSetter PS 125 OneStep is a compact, tabletop bagger ideal for mid-volume fulfillment operations. In this application, the built-in imprinter is used to interface with a database for printing order information, address, and barcodes directly onto the mailbag. This semi-automatic system replaces the need for separate printing and hand-affixing labels and produces up […]

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