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The Shrink Tech System 60R Dual Side Seal Shrink Wrapper can accommodate an endless variety of product configurations, ranging up t0 60″ in width, 18″ in height, and indefinite height. The 60R Dual Side Shrink Wrapper includes standard features such as a 72″ cross seal, touch screen command center, and it runs on a 230 VAC Single Phase at 30 amp operation.
Standard  Features:
  • 230 VAC Single Phase @ 30 Amp Operation
  • 72″ Cross Seal
  • 2- D.C. Variable Speed Film Feed
  • Bottom Film Roll-Out Cradle For Easy Film Loading
  • PLC  Control // Touch Screen Command Center
  • 2- Variable Speed Scrap Rewind
  • Automatic Product Gapping
  • Automatic Product Staging
  • Mushroom Teflon Coated Cross Seal Blade
  • Conveyors A.C. Freq. Motors with Soft Start/Stop
  • 2- Solid Steel Teflon Coated Side Seal Blade
  • Plastic Conveyor Belts- No Belt Tracking
  • 5 Adjustable Intermediate Conveyors For Product Width
  • Pneumatic Film Saver Device
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish
  • Operator Safety Compliance Check
  • System Maintenance Mode
  • System Is In Two Sections On Casters with Lock Down Feet
  • Multi-Pack Feature


Technical Specs

Max. Package Size:

  • Length: Infinite
  • Width: 60″

Max Product Height: 14″

Min. Package Size:

  • Length: Infinite
  • Width: 25″

Min. – Max. Film Size: 30″- 70″ Single Wound Film

Electrical: 230v./30 amp 1 PH.

Air: 30 psi., 1cfm

Conveyor Speed: 0-100 fpm.

Conveyor Height: 34″-36″

Machine Dimensions:

  • Length: 264″
  • Width: 94″